Furry Fiesta is Going Virtual!

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that Furry Fiesta will not be having a physical event in 2021. This is not unexpected, as COVID numbers are rising again with the winter months, as expected without a wide-spread vaccine available. At this time, we do not feel it is possible to safely hold an in-person convention.

This was not an easy decision. We considered the options, seeing if there were ways we could structure our event to improve safety. Vaccines are on the horizon, but the logistics of their distribution are daunting and CDC projections indicate that none will be widely available until after our event. Ultimately, with the US hitting record daily and weekly infection rates, we must accept the reality that an in-person event at this time would risk the health and safety of our community.

However, this will not be the end of Furry Fiesta for I am happy to announce that we are planning a virtual event! Details are still being determined and more information will be forthcoming in the upcoming weeks. We know how important TFF is to our community, so we are striving to ensure that we can provide the best possible virtual event.

As virtual events are so radically different from in-person events, we are seeking staff knowledgeable in the arcane arts of computer wizardry. If you are interested in joining the TFF team in crafting a virtual event, please fill out the staff application here: https://2021.furryfiesta.org/assist/join-our-staff/

Furry Fiesta will return in 2022 with a physical event. We will announce details for that during the virtual TFF in 2021. Our Guests of Honor and Theme originally intended for 2021 will be celebrated in 2022 instead. We have a great many exciting plans for 2022, which we are excited to share with you soon.

For those that are eager for in-person events to return, I am pleased to announce that the Furry Siesta team is hard at work designing a physical event later in 2021. Please visit furrysiesta.org for more information.

-Sable Gryphon

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Furry Fiesta is Going Virtual!

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