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  • Furry Drama Show
  • Fursuit Track
  • Help Desk
  • IT Team
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If you are interested in any of these positions, please fill out this form. After our senior staff reviews your application, they will get in touch with you to follow up. Thank you for your interest!

@ScienceDoge (Registration)

Engineer, Chemist, Manager, Brewer, Crafter, proHugs, RegDept @FurryMigration, Fursuiter for bycats4cats & fursonalities

Acid Usagi (Con Ops)

Acid green goo bunny who is a lean mean hugging machine~

Adrian Valistar (Volunteer Coordination)

Adrian Valistar is an Andolian hailing from another planet. A warrior by birth he is a master at ki manipulation. His planet was invaded and he was forced to flee to Earth. He is an outgoing fur and enjoys having fun.

Aero Nova (Fursuit Track)

The bouncy sparkle dog here in Austi- BALL! … *Ahem* Lending a helpful blue paw to guys, girls, and mangos alike, (those crazy mangos)!

AlohaWolf (Registration)

A Malamute trying to find the answers to life’s persistent questions.

Apari (Registration)

Deceptively graceful. Enjoys long walks in your dreams. Drink lots of milk kids, and don’t run with scissors!

Aria Wolfheart (Registration)

A reddish-brown, winged wolf.

Asyx Collie (Charity Lead)

Collie Ollie rolls his way into your hearts, and your wallets, transforming your silly currency into food for large cats.

Avery Dragon (Theme Co-Lead)

Avery the dragon brought his creative flair and sense of order to an unruly team of creatives to bring our theme to life. I’m so glad his will to create finally overcame his will to never staff 🙂

Axeonos (Super Sponsor/Staff Lounge)

Human, a sheet white gothic pink haired grim reaper with a fondness for eye searing OMG never going to blink again pink, but still human.

Bales (Theme)

A energetic individual with a passion for doing wildlife education and building haunted houses, definitely a bear of all trades.

BandaidRoo (A/V – Lighting Second)

By day, a kung-fu hair stylist and interior decorator. By night, asleep.

BarkerJr (Vendor Relations)

Lil barker never knew when to stop barking, and that makes the neighbors mad.

Bauson (Executive Staff – VIP)

Do you notice that we have two badgers next to each other alphabetically in the same department? Do you think that’s coincidence? It’s okay if you do. Nobody like when the Matrix breaks, and all we get out of it is even MORE Badgers.

Birk A. Badger (VIP Department)

Hello. I am a badger originally from Wisconsin and now live in Minnesota. I look grumpy, but I am awfully nice!

Blink Fox (Con Ops)

A red fox who likes dress up and sound tech! Part time mad science aficionado. Collector of titles. Hyena food. Wait what?! NO NONOONONOOONO HELP HELP M- *end transmission*

Bosgo (Super Sponsor/Staff Lounge)

Bosgo is a neotropical otter with a white fur patch around his left eye and long wavy hair. Fluid, flower-loving, eats like a black hole; bring cookies.

Blitzkrieg Wolf (Tabletop Gaming)

Ah, nothing like a few unstable isotopes to liven a party! Mad science rocks!

Brian Huskie (General Staff)

Friendly pink husky who wants to make the con a better experience for everyone.

BrianPuppy (A/V – Technician)

White Wolf Husky pup.

Britty Rand Flamefur (Security)

Female Black House Cat Has White Diamond Under Throat and Orange Paw Print Tattoos

Buddy The Bunny Who Is Actually a GNOLL (Marsalis Stage/Corral)

A fur of many shapes due to an endless succession of transformation hijinxs. No matter his form, his hairstyle will need a 1986 level of hairspray.

Buddy The Raccoon (Volunteer Coordinator)

Hello there friendly friend I’m a vampire rainbow space sparkle raccoon…Just kidding am just a derpy fluffy raccoon who loves apples Yup!

Buck Turner (Exec Staff – Treasurer)

Buck is the numbers cougar; he makes sure the books balance and the reports make it to the IRS on time. He also works with FurPlanet publishing.

Cactus (Super Sponsor/Staff Lounge)

Rediscovered the fandom after many years away. Happy to be back.

Cadistra (Theme)

Artist, WoW player, and Official Licensed Mom Friend™

CassidyFops (Volunteer Coordinator)

A red fox with no white fur, Black tipped paws, ears, and tail. moderately long black hair with the bangs hanging and back in a ponytail.

Cedric (Studio Photography Lead)

A bear-husky hybrid who has a passion for capturing life’s finest moments through the lens!

Chandra al-Alkani (Cash Office)

Just a very typical serval who likes serval things.

Christbru (Media)

A geeky grey Wolf who has a passion for programming and hugs!

Codefreak (Security)

A fun loving gray Wolf who has tried his best to show love for everyone.

Corbeau (Historian)

Corbeau is a coffee-addicted multiple-offending blogger with a deep and abiding passion for comma-splice errors, kickstarter, and coffee. He believes that hairless dogs are the next husky, but is probably wrong.

Corvus Swiftwing (Registration)

When writing my bio in my application for staff I only supplied a single letter. j. Not even capital. It’s just my favorite letter. I love it so. j. Gosh, just look at i!

Crys The Hybrid (Art Track Lead)

Basically an honorary hyena, Crys has run our art panels since 1824. Back then TFF was held in a small dresser.

Crystal Raven (Traditional Gaming)

shy, sweet, childish, caring, loving.

Dark Dragon (Registration)

A Texas Dragon enjoying life and making new friends along the way to make every con a better one. Dear Wiki you are still a traffic cone Lol!!!

DoberDog (Registration)

Doberdog is a dog, and a man, a Dober-man-dog. He can be found helping out in registration and guarding the cash office.

Dr Wildlife (Social Media)

Dr. Wildlife (aka “Doc”) has resided in Dallas since 2014. Her focus is on developing new technology to protect and study endangered species in the field. Founder and organizer of Dallas Furcade meet, and avid volunteer with local childrens and worldwide animal-focused charities.

Drake Foxe (Scheduling)

Beats by Drake.

Ddraglais (Charity)

A kind dragon that loves his furry friends. If you need a hug or encouragement he’s the dragon to see!

Dvolkii Shjedja (AV)

Black cat thing that meows too much. Loves audio tech and eating food.

Eddie Fox (General Staff)

Eddie is in charge of the Pizza.

Edward Hyena (Con Ops)

Edward Hyena (of the North) is an arctic hyena who likes to help out with conventions (any collect vinyl) Also con chair of MCFC. That con made Path a GOH this year, why would you ever do that o.O

Element (Security)

Element has a personality that would make a coyote proud. Take a moment to consider all the different things that make coyotes proud.

Erro (Landmark Stage A/V)

A Frickin’ Wild Dog!

Eulogy (PR/Media)

A Canadian who spends more time than is reasonable in Texas. Must like the dry air.

Express Fox (Load In/Load Out)

HI. I never meant to be staff but the hyena I stay with drives me to the storage unit and then I habitually work. Sometimes I dress as a deer and screech, because I’m powered by fen. I’m so confused.

Featherprop (Security)

Just your average flying Security Pony.

Fido (Con ops)

No descriptions here!

Fox Electronika (Super Sponsor/Staff Lounge)

Loves to laugh, game, and relax.

Foxworth (AV Landmark Stage Video)

Just how much is a fox worth? It’s weight in gold. Seriously I expect to be paid at least…uhh…multiply weight by the current price of bitcoin….wait dogecoin?! I’m getting a lawyer ><

Fraser Jones (Marsalis Stage/Corral)

Cheetahs in space

FreezyPup (Registration)

I am a person that likes to pretend to be a weird dog thing on the internet!

Frozen Foxx (Marsalis Stage/Corral)

Lord and master of all that is blue. (May not actually be lord of any particular color. Maybe lord of comic sans)

Frummidge (Inventory)

He is a bobcat with a radical haircut, politics, and too much gay.

Giles Levin (Con Store)

Giles, who has 4 other names at least, is one of the sweetest, kindest, most goodest merchants you’ll ever find in a con hotel. It was a shame when the hyena took her limbs.

Glade the Most Impatient Yet Passionate Dutch Angel Dragon (Super Sponsor/Staff Lounge)

But actually he’s a very kind DaD. The hyena chewed on this one too.

Glar (Dealer’s Den Lead)

Salty old worgen that is a jack of all trades whose natural habitat is in front of a computer or out in the woods.

Glass Ferret (Executive Staff – Scheduling)

Your 4th favorite DF-WUB ferret (Editor’s Note: I only know 2 and this is still true), doing what a blue ferret does (?!) MOAR MINTS PLZ ^-^ k thx. @theglassferret

Greger Reindeer (A/V Camera Operator, Audio support)

Sometimes my antlers get caught in the cables, but that’s okay; I’ve been practicing how to untangle them for a while now!

Gwachi (Volunteer Coordinator)

Everything is known, and nothing is known about Gwachi the Great. Many good people have fallen victim to Gwachi’s volunteer requests. It is just the way of things.

Guardian (Executive Staff – Logistics)

Hiya! Tiny space here. Lion with Tiger tail. Portly. Friendly. Busy. Organizing. Planning. Staffing. Making sure things get where they need to be, when they need to be there.

GuyInADuster (Security)

The name says it all. Or does it?

Gwaland (Executive – IT)

A black house cat with blue stripes. Through telepathic powers we serve him. Yes. Serve.

HuskerShep (A/V – Camera Operator)

While you might think that they’re a husky-shepherd mix you’d be wrong. They’re a corn husk shepherd. An alarmingly easy job.

Hydro (Video Gaming)

Cybernetically Enhanced DJing Fox. What sort of enhancements, you ask? That is a FANTASTIC question.

Hyena Girl (General Staff)

Spotted hyena open to interpretation. But really like one of the best hyenas <3

Ianto aka Khyle (Fursuit Track)

A performer and lover of art in all its forms, he became staff to help further grow the con in its fursuit track and related events.

Ilari (A/V – Reunion Stage Second)

Ilari is a kitsune of many talents who is glad to again be able to help out with such a great con, and hopes nothing catches on fire (AGAIN).

Imara (Security )

A lion friend who loves puns!

Ipequey (Fursuit Track)

A blue and white inflatable anthro wolf with a hard to pronounce name. Indulger of beer and music. Often found orchestrating fursuit chaos!

Istanbul (Tabletop Gaming)

Just your average white-furred bunny. Full of words, full of games, loves writing and all sorts of stuff. Say hello, I don’t bite (much)!

Jacques Cat (Volunteer Coordination)

Big Lynx from West Texas. How can I help y’all?

Jace (Exec Staff – Cash Office)

Rawr, I’m a dragon! RAWR! …guys c’mon someone pay attention to me. I’m a pretty cool guy. Guys? 🙁

Jackpot (Floor Photography)

Jackpot is a mischievous coyote pup from Austin, always in search of cookies, fun, and the next way to get in trouble.

Joel Feila (Traditional Gaming)

Game loving caracal with a wide selection of games.

Jerynn Barbary (Security Captain)

Jerynn is a friendly neighborhood leopard who takes order from Hyenas. Hyenas, what’cha gonna do, right?

Kai Wulf (A/V – Reunion Stage Lead)

Kai Wulf is a lighting designer and audio engineer from WA. You can usually find him behind the lighting desk or on occasion, running sound.

Kailestis (Registration)

If you know Latin, the name is really “Caelestis.” You don’t know Latin? “Kai” will do, then. Just your atypical, abnormal Celestial Dragon, trying to hoard it…I mean…make it in the city.

Kay Fox (AV Landmark Stage Camera Op)

MODIFY Staff SET Description=”Red Panda is Best Panda!” WHERE Name=”Kay Fox”
RESULT “Kay Fox: Red Pandas are Okay I Guess”;

Ketsana (Traditional Gaming Lead/HR)

Savage Vorpal bunny, but with great power comes… Naw, I’m just gonna eat you.

Kilo (Floor Photography)

Tiger who eats, breathes, and sleeps photography.

Kit Sung (Art Show)

Kitsung is the bestest friend ever of Path, no matter how many bleach baths he takes. <3

KL Sanchez (Con Ops – Director)

KL Sanchez is the longtime and original Operations Director for Furry Fiesta, and first entered the staff level as the Video Room Director in 2013. He can almost always be found behind the Ops desk assisting attendees and other departments.

Klae Fox (Onsite IT)

A fluffy blue fox that enjoys working with computers, playing games, and taking pictures of stuff.

Kou Wolffe (Dance Comp)

Texas Furry Born and Raised. Jewelry Maker and Artist, as well as a general crafter and performer.

KP (Media)

Mardi Gras beads are my favorite gift! (Don’t listen! A deranged fox wrote this!)

Kyo Foxtrot (Executive – Public Relations)

One day a normal fox drank a huge bottle of lavender detergent because it had the word “Fabulous” on it. And @Kyo_Foxtrot happened.

Leko Light (Executive – AV)

For too long bass has gotten all of the recognition in the Audio Visual world. Not anymore. A new era of high pitch treble begins. Fennec based noises: It’s what the people crave. They just don’t know it.

LightningRunner (Reunion Stage A/V)

Also known online as Lightning Runner or GregerReindeer. A big fan of audio and video equipment since college, I’m also an amateur musician and filmmaker.

Linnéa Capps (Social Media)

A big ball of bubbly happiness, Linnéa is a soft white cat (or grill, yes a grill, depending on the day) that loves the furry community.

Manick (Cash Office)

Dorky Orange Tabby from Pitts.

Marinelle (Con Ops)

The real mother of dragons. She’s used to dealing with small children, so she can deal with you too.

Maw (Volunteer Coordinator)

They have a heart bigger than their hair, a love of all fruits and vegetables, and an affinity for books.

Max Jag (Inventory Control)

A snow leopard who is seen looking for inventory and praying that staff survive to come to the most fun con after-party ever known as Loadout.

Memo (Art Show)

Memo Bunny, toy impresario, wonder aficionado and avid shoe wearer.

MiaKoda (Cash Office)

Just your resident dumb dragon butt hoarding all the shinies I can get my claws on.

Milo (Reunion Stage A/V)

Milo is a pupper. Some say the best pupper. (Claim unverified)

Minty Khaos (Security)

A little awkward and a bit crazy but well meaning furry newb.

Mizrik (Onsite IT)

Hyenas are just my favoritest thing in the whole wide world. I would sprinkle myself with herbs and spices that would make KFC blush, if only a hyena would come take me.

Muzik (A/V – Audio)

A brony, and someone far too trusting of hyenas

Nite (Con Store)

Houston native gshep, trained by houston weather for fursuiting, and fighting the evils of $3 “extra trashy” tacos.

Nolow (Art Show Setup Coordinator)

That One Grinning King Cheetah~

Noxychu (Theme Lead)

Artist and Warcraft/Overwatch player. Fluffy fuzzy sleepy furball. Made of Stars.

Nyk Verien (Art Show)

A wolverine/werewolf who like to drop by from his journey around the galaxy.

Oddy (A/V – Second)

Oddy is a frightening figure of a beast, his calm demeanor covering up a seething rage which has cut down thousands. Oh, Oddy.

Orim Katsu (Charity/Registration)

Just your average TFF minion running about having fun. Feel free to say hi, always looking to meet new people and play more games.

Orinthical aka Vlad (Security/IT Admin)

Hi, I’m Vlad. I am an IT and security bat who likes fruit and carries an air blower to help fursuiters stay cool. /\^.^/\

OshiiRyuu (Security)

Hybrid Lioness / In my 20’s, / Southern Lady / Kaiju Enthusiasts

Ouro (Onsite IT)

That odd blue husky. Curl all day!

Overflow (Video Gaming)

Operation: Fen Fen

PacerFox (Fursuit Track Lead)

Pacer is a fox, or a wolf, or a phoenix, who lives in Austin with a decade of charitable and professional mascoting experience.

Paradox (Charity)

I didn’t get fired today.

Path (Defamed Previous Convention Chair now HR also help)

Hyena well past expiration date. I write a lot of the staff bios and that’s why they are so accurate.

Pestilynce (Executive – Security)

He seems to be missing the other three horsemen, perhaps they were left at Nightmare Nights.

Princess Leah (Marsalis Stage/Corral)

Leah is a bookworm who also enjoys nights out, crafting, crazy hair, and unusual leggings.

Psyfur (A/V – Audio)

Our Trippy audio engineer/DJ, purveyor of pure trance.

Purple (Registration)

Purple thing. Goes Mow. Team Pink Nose.

Rama (Artist Alley Lead)

Lion cub with the red hat, been to a few conventions, helped out at many of them. Also Chair of MFF, goodness!

Rasha (Con Ops Lead)

Your local/not so local biker-fur from Southeast Texas. Who wants a ride?

Ratchet (A/V – Director)

Hi! I’m Ratchet, I lead all things A/V in the event space and direct the team that operates it all each year!

Raven Snowfall (Registration)

A reclusive red fox.

Raving Husky (AV Landmark Stage)

I’m from the Pacific Northwest in the state of Washington, and to put it plain and simple, im a green husky who loves to rave.

Ray Aberle (AV Landmark Stage)

I’m a non-applicable person.

RC Coyote (Art Show)

Just a confused coyote trying to make sense of it all and trying to stay on the hyena’s good side.

Remclave (Art Show)

Remclave is a supportive mother and a kickass lady who helped keep art show afloat back when hyenas got to run it. I loves her I do.

Renegade Roo (Social Media Lead)

Born and raised in the El Paso, Renegade Kangaroo has been involved in the fandom since 1999. He is usually found hopping around Twitter.

Rex Grannat (Scheduling)

Bark, I’m a husky. Bark, bark. *listlessly barks*

Rheldar (AV Stage Manager)

Rheldar is a spotted hyena. He doesn’t like to sing or dance, but he likes to let others sing and dance.

Rico Casspi (Super Sponsor/Staff Lounge)

Friendly and bubbly dragon-bird or playful husky on occasion. I just want to bring happiness and laughter wherever I go!

Ridi (Art Show Second)

I love shinies, you has i wants! Shiny stealer extraordinaire. BEWARE of spontaneous glitter explosions!

Rijan (Volunteer Coordinator)

You’re friendly Labrador husky mix always forever chasing the tennis balls.

Ringer (Web Design Lead)

Ringer is still here. Neat.

Rivin (A/V)

Some wolf thing.

Rollar (Onsite IT)

Teaching hyenas to read since 2014

Sable Gryphon (Chair)

Your Benevolent Squawking Overlord. Someone decided it was a good idea to put Gryphon McFeatherbrain in charge.

Sairo Husky (Vendor Relations Minion/Food Truck Guy)

Sairo was too busy playing WoW and being green to do a bio.

Sasuke (Writing Track Lead)

Big ol’ wolfdragon in a teeny tiny human body, a fursuiter, and a writer of the more adult variety – ALL IN ONE!

Savrin (Video Gaming Track Lead)

Lord of Vidya since Furry Fiesta’s inception, Savrin no longer knows how to just attend fan conventions. He must help out. Pity him.

Scout (Registration)

Scout is a tall, muscled tan long horned bull with a happy swish in his ropey tail. He loves to smile and laugh and always wants everyone to feel welcome!

Sedpaul (Security)

Reader, listener, and paperweight all in one.

Sebris MontPark (DJ Coordinator)

I am a white wolf who lives and loves! I am a DJ/Producer from Corpus Christi, TX. I Also work as a stage technician and coordinator.

Sensho (AV Landmark Stage)


Seirei No Senshi (AV Landmark Stage)

Japanese husky with a samurai background. Kind and gentle and loves cuddles

Shadow Stalker (Traditional Gaming)

sweet, fun, caring, loving.

Shasta (Dance Coordinator)

A crazy green n black wolf with an ear for music.

Shelby Allen (Hotel Liaison)

Lioness half of the hotel pride. I catch what Guardian drops (which isn’t much.) Mother. Cub Scout den leader. MFM dealer den lead.

Shiva (Exec Staff – Vendor Relations)

Am Kat. Mao.

Shoogy (Radio Communications)

Shoogy here! A Grey Otter. Originally from Utah now living in Texas! Been in the fandom since around 2003. Attending TFF since 2009.

Shrike (Photography Lead)

Shrike is a fox (of the blue variety). Normally seen with a camera either in his paws or held up alongside his muzzle.

Siam (Vendor Relations Minion)

Once a powerful emperor now tasked with waiting tables in a seedy nightclub because of “The noodle incident”.

Silver Wolf (Security)

Just a derpy and silly blue wolf that is easy going and fun to be around

Simon Fox (A/V – Video Lead)

I’m drawing a blank here! Look at this blank. His name is Steve. Hi Steve! This blank was hand crafted from the finest hand made white space, imported from Blanktopia itself. Wow. I feel empty just looking at it.

Slick Kat (Con Ops – Lead)

I never meant to join staff, but there were all these boxes in con ops. Cats…cats love boxes. I just never left.

Smash (Audio Second)

Anthropomorphic red fox who creates magic spaces with sound and light to liberate your consciousness.

Smurph (Scheduling)

I recently saw Smurph at a staff meeting where he was on some meds that made him speak quickly and excitedly, focus intensely, and buzz around restlessly. In other words, the medication had no effect on Smuprh’s personality.

SockMonkeySB (Volunteer Department, Monkey at Large)

Con Mom, Notary, fan of flavored Tootsie Rolls and lives on coffee and ice water. (Cookies are nice too.) BRING ME THE TOOTSIE ROLLS <3

Sparx Traxx (A/V)

Is hesky! 😀

Spike (Artist Alley)

Rottweiler pup that was gone from conventions for years but having returned in last two years ready to get back to work.

Skila (VIP Liaison)

A energetic fox bat hybrid who loves to meet new people and having fun and an avid Music and theatre lover

Stagittos Savior (Security)

An Enthusiastic Folf that likes to help and give Hugs.

StarGazer (Tabletop Gaming)

Mostly Harmless rose wreathed renaissance fox uplift. Lover of science & history. Collector of tabletop games and grand tales.

Storm (Exec Staff – Registration)

Storm is a unicorn native to the forests of Tennessee who now lives in North Texas. By day he wreaks havoc with the state’s infrastructure.

StripeySkunk (Social Media)

Skunk that doesn’t take life seriously and loves cookies.

Stytch (Landmark Stage IT Coord)

Small ball of blue and green chaos.

Talv (Security Captain)

I don’t even know about a description. What even am I?!

Tane (A/V – Technician)

Canis Lupus Baileyi (not a kitty). Lets break things and howl at the moon

Tarpaw (Security)

Maned wolf with green eyes and a purple tongue.

Taz Tiger (Super Sponsor/Staff Lounge)

Golden Tabby Tiger, bushy bearded, happy, huggin, fun, loving, enjoys ciders, Vodka, sweet wine, cigars, is silly cat that loves dancing and loud music! 😉

Tekrin (Security)

Tekrin is that coffee-wielding, wide-eyed grey wolf. He’ll do anything for his daily shot of espresso!

Teiran (Conbook)

Teiran, a gray wolf, is one half of FurPlanet Publishing and works with his husband Fuzzwolf providing the fandom with comic & book publishing. Responsible for this book.

Tigerfoxx (Con Store)

Sort of like a tiger, but also a fox, possibly a micro-fox.

Tikanni (Theme)

A crafty female grey wolf with turquoise hair and a technologically enhanced snout, which has been malfunctioning for several years now. Sometimes you get squeaks, others a boop only powers her down. Sometimes you get squeaks during a power down, creating audial hilarity.

Toboe Wolfsbane (Art Show Lead)

A friendly red wolf who is native to Texas and enjoys good local beer while playing various board games. Started as a volunteer for Fiesta’s Art Show back in 2012 and have since become a staff member constantly under the threat of hyenas.

Ty Browntail (Marsalis Stage/Corral)

A/V cat, rarely grumpy

Vash Dragon (Vendor Relations Minion)

Possibly the stampede. Possibly just the brisk walk.

VioletRook (Volunteers)

Hi! Great to meet you. You are a volunteer now. Please report to the volunteer table. Right now. Okay, I’m coming over there.

Vincent Hayes (Registration)

Always a fan of keeping it weird and supporting the fandom, this cat loves coding, video games, and all sorts of electronic music!

Vo (General Staff)

If you see Vo, start singing, E – I – E – I – Vo…and let’s see how crazy he is by the end of the convention.

Vos Rood FlameFur (Security)

I am the last of my clan and the last of the arucard bloodline; I have dedicated my life to preventing injustice.

VVolf (Tabletop Gaming)

After spending five years in an Ecuadorian Prison, VVolf escaped by dressing up as a stray dog. He found his calling.

video_gh0st (Marketing)

I make things look pretty.

Whines (Marsalis Stage Lead)

‘Momma Whines’ is an IT nerd who lives with his partner Corbeau in Austin. He likes to remind people to bundle up in case it gets cold!

Willowmore Fox (Web Development Lead)

Arctic fox, environmental scientist, and webmaster for some reason. Often in way over my head. Just watch the shiny, everything will be okay.

Wilm Pierson (Reunion Stage A/V)

The spade of hearts, 4 of clubs, and the pair of 2’s you go all in on.

Zentra (A/V – Lighting)

Zentra brings the pony to our dog and pony show, and now I’m being fired as the writer of bios. OW FINE STOP HITTING ME!

Ziddy (Animal People Resources)

Living experiment to replace blood with red bull.

Ziel (Con Store)

This little brown fox bought a little brown box to live in o.o

Zola (Vendor Relations)

A cute gazelle always looking for a new friendly face.

Zyrian (Video gaming)

Writes occasionally, edits begrudgingly.

Volunteer at TFF

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Furry Fiesta is Going Virtual!

Please read our letter from our Con Chair.

Virtual TFF 2021

Welcome to Furry Fiesta 2021. The Virtual fun begins here!

Black Lives Matter

Statement from our Con Chair about the Black Lives Matter protests.