Dance Competition

Whispered rumors have reached you of mystery music heard deep below the ocean waves. Follow Amarillo and his crew as you submerge yourself to find the source of these strange beats and the thundering base that is causing the ocean to move and sway. What could it be? Are those lights flashing? Is the sound getting louder as you get closer? Are those figures dancing that you see? Come find out with us deep down in the depths with the Texas Furry Fiesta Fursuit Dance Comp!

We are looking for your audition videos!

Even though Furry Fiesta is going virtual this year, you can still join in on the fun of the dance competition. Just send your dance name and audition video to [email protected] from now until 11:59pm on March 19th!

Volunteer at TFF

As our convention continues to grow, so do our volunteer needs! Join us!

Furry Fiesta is Going Virtual!

Please read our letter from our Con Chair.

Virtual TFF 2021

Welcome to Furry Fiesta 2021. The Virtual fun begins here!

Black Lives Matter

Statement from our Con Chair about the Black Lives Matter protests.