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Second Life is a virtual world that furries have been flocking to since 2002. Now we are happy to share a small part of that world for #TFF2021. Join us while we watch our TFF streams together, play games, and explore the virtual destinations Second Life has to offer.

If you are already a seasoned SL-er, please follow this link to be teleported to our world:

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How To Join

Go to and create your account.

Go to and download the latest version applicable to your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux). Follow the prompts to install this program to your computer. We recommend Firestorm viewer, but if your computer cannot run it, the regular Second Life client should work. 

Once the application is installed, run it and use the credentials used when creating your account to log in.

Tutorial Island – Follow the instructions provided on screen to learn the basics, or you may follow the links here:

Once you are ready to make your way to the TFF World, follow this link: This will open an internet browser window. Click the “Visit this Location” button and this will open a teleport in Second Life. Click teleport there to be transported to our world. 

Welcome SL

Our Sim

If you are using the default Second Life Viewer: To find a location, go to the search function on the left side of the screen, and type what you’re looking for in the search bar.

If you are using Firestorm: Click the magnifying glass at the bottom of the window to find a location. 

TFF 2021 x SL – an area for congoers to gather and have fun

  • There are two areas, the beach area and the city area. Both have fun activities for you and your friends to socialize, play games and watch the TFF streams. To travel between areas, use the designated Teleport Crystals (you’ll see them, look for shiny!) to teleport back and forth between both areas.
  • On the beach, the Avatar shop is located in the leftmost building, where you can find a selection of free furry avatars to choose from. In the rightmost building, you’ll find a bulletin board with announcements and information about our sim.
  • In the city area, use the glowing rainbow arrows to navigate around and to the top of the TFF building, where the avatar pose stand is located. Use this with your friends to take pictures of yourself with the Dallas skyline!
  • You’ll see icons of TFF’s other virtual worlds in our city area such as Minecraft, VR Chat, Discord and Telegram. Click these for more information on those virtual worlds and how to join them.

Other Locations of interest in Second Life: (Not TFF affiliated; content in these areas is out of our control.)

Rules and Standards for Use


  • Second Life’s Terms of Service (TOS) and Community Standards (CS) are the foundation for all conduct in the Second Life® virtual world. All Residents of the Second Life world must abide by these wherever they are in-world.
  • Abuse Reports are the fundamental tool for reporting abuses of the TOS or CS. Residents will not be able to ban other Residents from public or shared spaces. We (Creature Arts/Texas Furry Fiesta staff) will fully enforce the Second Life Terms of Service. Violators can and will be turned over to Linden Lab.
  • All visitors to Furry Fiesta’s virtual area in Second Life are assumed to have read and understand the Furry Fiesta Code of Conduct for the in-person event and agreed to the terms set forth herein at even though this is a virtual event. Both areas are sponsored by Texas Furry Fiesta/Creature Arts. Visitors who are unaware of specifics within the Code of Conduct may not escape liability for violating that rule merely by being unaware of its content.
  • For Virtual Texas Furry Fiesta in Second Life, our basic rule is Respect.Treat others the way you want to be treated. Behavior that intentionally detracts from others’ enjoyment (such as but not limited to griefing, particle bombs, harassment, pushing) is prohibited. We have a zero tolerance policy. You will be banned. 
    • Texas Furry Fiesta is a harassment-free zone. Insults, abuse directed towards others, the use of “fighting words”, personal attacks, and other forms of harassment will not be tolerated – this includes but not limited to chat, gestures, animations, sounds or scripts.
    • Respect our staff members. If a staff member asks you to do something, respect what they say. Texas Furry Fiesta Executive Staff members have the final say.
      • Seraphi.Yifu
      • Shelby Allen
      • SlickStripes
      • Bittergrim
  • Our sim, Crimson, is a Moderate level. If you wish to do mature-themed activities, please take it elsewhere. There are plenty of places in Second Life where you can go. Please adhere to a PG-13 rating. Avatars and clothing worn must fit into our PG-13 rating. Titles and hovertext are considered part of your Avatar. 
  • We are a no-combat sim; disarm yourself upon entering the sim. Weapons worn for decoration or part of an avatar are permitted. Scripted weapons that actually shoot are not. Leave your weapon holstered while you’re here.
  • Texas Furry Fiesta is a Drama Free Zone. If you have an issue with someone, please take it to IM. Remember that there are others in the sim with you that are just here to have a good time!
  • Keep the chat and sound free of spam. No one likes spam, us included. Determination of what is “spam” is left to our staff members. Please be conservtive with the use of gestures and other prim heavy scripts for our friends who may be using older technology to enjoy.
  • We are not a roleplay sim. There are plenty of other places in Second Life you may do that.
  • Keep our sim clean. If you are able to build, please pick up your objects when you’re done with them. Self-replicating, self-rezzing and CPU intense scripts are not permitted.


By using these services, you agree to abide by the Platform’s and TFF’s Code of Conduct

Volunteer at TFF

As our convention continues to grow, so do our volunteer needs! Join us!

Furry Fiesta is Going Virtual!

Please read our letter from our Con Chair.

Virtual TFF 2021

Welcome to Furry Fiesta 2021. The Virtual fun begins here!

Black Lives Matter

Statement from our Con Chair about the Black Lives Matter protests.